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Chase Paymentech

Chase Paymentech allows you to open a merchant account and begin credit card processing for your business with the support of Chase systems and integrity.  Chase offers some innovative features for their online credit card reporting system and chargeback management features that can be worthwhile to consider.  Chase offers what is the traditional options for Point of Service payment processing with support for various credit card processing machines and printers.  The online reporting features really caught my eye with Chase Paymentech the fees and transaction rates are along industry norms for merchant account credit card processing.  Paymentech offers features and rate plans that cater to large businesses and brick and mortar retail stores and restaurants but an internet business looking to start credit card processing might be able to find some value if they can leverage an established relationship with Chase Bank.

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Chase Paymentech Review by Heather, December 20, 2010

I have not been satisfied with the service I have received from chase paymntech. My contract is up in February and I will be moving to a new provider. I have been trying to resolve an issue for a week now. 1 week with out a terminal is unacceptable especially at the holiday time. I have been passed around to so many different people who never seem to have a clue what I have already been through. Each person tells me a different story. I don’t know how they run there business like this. It seems no one is on the same page. And now she asking me who my sales rep is. For the almost 3 years I have worked with chase I have never spoken to the same person more then once. I look forward to working with a company that does give me a personal sales rep. And that I dont have to push 10 buttons when I call soupport to finally get someone to talk to me.

Chase Paymentech Review by Sarah Piestrup, December 23, 2010

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I had a horrible experience with Chase Paymentech with hidden fees in their tiered system and minimums that were not clear on sign up with an additional cancellation fee of $250 that I was not made aware of. Nothing is straightforward, all the fees and details are hidden so you can not compare with other companies. Not all companies are like this and I have found one that does not have this sort of manipulative and hidden practices.

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