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Commerce Payment (Malaysia)

An online credit card processing merchant specializing in e-payment solutions and seamless integration of the merchant gateway into your website.  Commerce Payment is a complete solution provider attempting to create a membership window that integrates well and allows for the processing of subscriptions, point of sale transactions, with options for your online business if you have a business merchant account or not.

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One Customer Review of “Commerce Payment (Malaysia)”

Commerce Payment (Malaysia) Review by Frank Butler, June 6, 2011

I worked with Commerce Payments In New York. This company is a pure chop shop! I started a new taxi business and needed wireless credit card acceptance. My account manager was named Mark he was very good at his job and very nice. He doesn’t belong with this company. I had ordered my new taxi by Ford and it was built in Turkey. I did not know when it would be delivered. I asked Mark to do all the paperwork and get the wireless machine ready (I sent them $411.00 for the machine.) I told him to not activate my account until I told him my taxi had arrived. Mark agreed to this. After the 1st month they charged me $41 and change. I exploded I called Mark and he said he would take care of it. He also got me in contact with David the head of accounting. David told me he would have it to me on the next billing cycle. I went on vacation and came back and no money. I called them again and they assured me it would be on the next billing cycle.(Another Month) When the next billing cycle came around they charged me another $57 and change. I exploded. David told me he knows what they did they charged me $100.00 and deducted the $41 dollars from that and I had still never authorized them to even open my account. David told me it would be there in my account that same day. Still no money. I transferred all my money out of my checking account to my savings account and told my bank about it. My banker told me to come in and we filed a transaction dispute and Visa is going to give me the money for the money they took out of my account. But the check I wrote them is a hard lesson that I learned. They just plain stole $411.00 from me. I learned to Love VISA and Hate Commerce Payments. In my opinion they are nothing but lying crooks.. I hope VISA shuts them down!

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