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Free AuthNet  offers consumers a free authorize .net payment gateway service if you signup of for their online merchant account program for credit card processing.  As one of the largest of Authorize.net ‘s resellers online, Free AuthNet has been helping thousands complete online credit card payments and they claim to pass on the transaction and processing rate savings of their success to you the consumer.  If you need to take credit card payments online, Free AuthNet might be the payment reseller that you should consider in your search.  They claim to offer a free merchant account setup fee, a free Authorize.net license fee, a free programming fee with a competitive discount rate on transactions.  Also featured are free check processing services and liberal credit restriction requirements for new applicants seeking credit card processing capabilities for their internet business.

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Free AuthNet Review by Buying Gold Coins, June 7, 2009

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I used Free Auth.net, I wasn’t able to find anyone lower for a gateway service for my website payment processing needs. There really is no alternative to Authorize.net as a gateway, in my opinion, they plug in to most shopping cart systems with little hassle, and they make the payment processing process hassle free. My merchant accounts I had some problems with, but no problems with the gateway processing.

Free AuthNet Review by Lorrry Middleton, November 19, 2010

The company that processes there cards united bank card are thieves . They took money from my account after an error I made and refused to refund my money my mistake cost me 100 dollars and they didn’t seem to think anything was wrong with keeping my money. They said he you were the one that made the mistake not us , so your error is in our favor you pay us 100 dollars and I didn’t get a kiss . THEY ARE CROOKS and authorize . net is saying hey sorry about your bad luck.

Free AuthNet Review by Divas Hair Salon, June 3, 2011

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Just a word of warning to folks considering these guys. I started a side business and it was chugging along in the beginning stages, and of course I decided to use FreeAuthnet for my credit card processing. Well, my supplier went out of business effectively shutting me down 4 months after startup. Oh well, in this economy I’m surprised they made it as long as they did. No matter.. Well, I no longer needed credit card processing obviously and so I contacted my FreeAuth rep and told of the situation. Well there was a multi hundred dollar cancellation fee or a minimum requirement of 3 years on contract!

So beware new startups as this was frustrating and I feel unfair. To be locked into service for so long just simply does not reflect the current business environment. Shame on them.

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